1 Check-in Weekly

1 month

Online Personal Training & Accountability Plan!

Each month our Goals will be:

Exercise, Nutrition, & Rest/Stress Relief are our 3 Goals each week

I'll setup 3-5 workouts each week for you and text or email them to you, plus send you 3 cardio sessions of which we discuss prior to that fits your enjoyment. Variety is key for training and then we focus on your Nutrition plan, and Rest/Stress relief will fall into place. You will get structured and on a good plan that should only take you 4-8 hours each week total exercising depending on strength training/run/walking/etc lengths.

We will have a weekly 15 min check-in or multiple check-ins by phone weekly plus me preparing your workouts and our texting alot back/forth (texting no charge) etc @ $1/minute so you should expect to spend $75-$225 for a month of private Online Personal Training with me.

Accountability, Structure, Exercise, Nutrition, & Rest/Stress Relief is the plan incorporating your social life, including Light, Medium, Heavy, Medium training weeks plus plenty of Recovery for the body. We will attain all of this!

This plan includes:

  • 1 check-in weekly
  • Access to Train With Dave Blogs, Nutrition Plans, and Community